About Us

Why me

I can help you bring your A Game.

Since Carl Sagan first announced to the world that we were all “star stuff” I was mesmerized. Enchanted by his words and the images of Cosmos, I have been on a quest to understand how the universe works at the quantum level, and how that affects who and how we are on the planet.   

Why CoreIndividuation?

CoreIndividuation’s explanation of the subtle matter surrounding us represents a powerful link of understanding between our highest scientific understanding of the quantum realms and millennia of mystical and spiritual teachings.

I can now facilitate your relationship to your greater self and this power of the cosmos and Source energy to bring you and “your inner cosmos” into a more authentic expression of your life.

To Be Authentic and Whole

In my quest to understand the nature of reality, I have been transformed by my involvement with CoreIndividuation since I first picked up the book Your Sacred Anatomy in 2013. I experienced this work as an innovative and powerful approach to my own healing, evolution as it has helped clarify and move me into my life and soul’s purpose.into a more authentic expression of your life.


Let me facilitate your soul’s growth and evolution to help you achieve your goals and clarify your life’s purpose. As we release you from repeating old patterns and usher in a new era of success.